3 steps on how to be confident on a first date

3 steps on how to be confident on a first date -

First dates often generate a mix of emotions. Happiness combined with being nervous, or in one word excitement, results with butterflies in our stomach. So, with all that mess in our head(and stomach:-)) there’s only one question left: how to be confident on a first date?

If you’re going on a first date feeling confident and not all that nervous, it usually means that you are not all that into that guy. Because even the most confident people feel lack of confidence in front of someone they like. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can just mean that you haven’t seen the best of him yet. But if you feel those butterflies and are very excited, it means that you really like him and you wanna make a good impression. In that case, you need to prepare yourself and not leave everything to the flow. Maybe he will be excited as you and you don’t want your nervousness (from both of you) to make the date awkward.

Everybody wants to make a good impression on a first date, but our emotions can be overwhelming when you basically can’t control yourself and you can end up feeling just…stupid. Every situation in life requires ‘managing’ yourself. It doesn’t have to be hard to take control over that. You just need to prepare yourself for the date. It takes only 3 steps to do that and, in this post, I am going to walk you thru them. Step by step.

3 steps on how to be confident on a first date - Pck an outfit you feel confident in


In this step it is all about picking the clothes YOU feel confident in. Don’t let yourself to be sitting in a restaurant, talking to this great guy and thinking about whether you should have worn that black skirt instead of these trousers. If you actually talk to him and not think about the things you now can do nothing about, there is a higher possibility that you will go on a second date with him and then you can wear that skirt. You have plenty of time to think about what you will wear to boost your confidence on a first date. So, do it.


When I say keep in mind the things he likes about you, what I mean is that you should forget about the things you don’t like about yourself. He doesn’t see them. He only sees the things that attracted him to you. Maybe it is the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you do that thing when you speak, your hair, your appearance, your eyes and the list goes on. Remember, those things exist and you should just keep that in mind. So, you should be yourself, the same way you were when he asked you out. Read more about this in the post How to know if a guy likes you?

3 steps on how to be confident on a first date -


No, I don’t mean that you should have an agenda ready. I am aware that it is not a business meeting you are going to. But I do believe that you should be ready if it comes to that awkward silence. And at that moment, as it usually happens, you can’t remember any question to ask him or topic to start talking about. Except for the weather, of course:-). So, why shouldn’t you take five minutes before the date to avoid all that? There are always general questions to ask, such as does he has siblings, are they older or younger than him, what college did he go to, where does he work etc. Just let him tell you his story. Not only will you avoid the awkward silence, but you will also leave an impression that you want to know him better and he will like that.

See, that’s not hard. And that is all you need to make you confident on that date.

There are things in life we can affect on and there are things which we can do nothing about. A lot of people think that they can’t control their confidence, but trust me, it is just a point of view. Nobody knows that you are not sure about yourself if you don’t show it.

If, before you get out of the house, you look in a mirror and like what you see, if you are aware of the fact that he REALLY likes you and you have a solution if the conversation gets a little bit awkward, it means that you’ve covered everything and you’re all set. Be confident. You have everything under control.

How do your first dates go? Do you get nervous? Or maybe you have your to-do list before you go on a first date?

3 Steps On How To Be Confident On A First Date


    1. Yes, confidence is the key. When you’re confident, you can be yourself. And when you’re not, you just think about unnecessary things.

  1. Great ideas. I have been almost married for 10 years and the idea of a first date again makes me nervous! haha Love the outfit especially. Sometimes I dress up, do my makeup and hair just to be in my house all day because it all around makes me feel better. I can only imagine this is absolutely double, triple true for a first date!

    1. I agree with you, I do that too!:-) I do my make up and hair for me to feel better, even in my house, when nobody sees me. I mean, it’s a 10 minute job, and I feel good the whole day:-)

  2. I actually think the first one is super important because if you aren’t dressed comfortable you will be fussing all night long.

  3. I guess this is also applicable for men! My gosh I remember messing up on my first date… it ended up so boring because we both run out of topics to discuss.. it was however memorable. I remember dressing up well but yeah, i should have prepared the topics ahead and I’m sure it could have end a lot better
    thanks for these tips

  4. I have been on a lot of first dates recently and you are right, while they can be awkward sometimes dressing up can help you feel more confident. Sadly at the moment my problem is I always like the guys who don’t like me and don’t like the ones that like me which can be frustrating!x

  5. I think outfit and topics you wish to discuss makes a huge difference on your confidence on first date. The way you dress up and walk makes you feel so confident about yourself and your upcoming relationships!

  6. What useful post I really like the tip about being prepared with some questions in case there is that awkward silence. I have been married too long to remember my first date 🙂

  7. These are great tips, I definitely think feeling comfortable in your outfit is definitely key here. You want to feel confident and comfortable!

  8. I feel like what you wear is super important, because if your feet hurt or your dress keeps being blown by the wind it’s so annoying! First dates are always funny, on my last one I forgot to eat my food because I was talking so much haha

  9. OH yes. Self confidence is 100% such a must. That helps in every way. Being able to ask questions, being able to respond, how you carry yourself. ALL of that boils down to having a bit of confidence.

  10. I am not really a fan of dating, but who would not pass this phase? As they said there is always a first time and first time dating would really be one point in your life that you had feel most nervous about. Thanks for your sound tips, I could pass it on.

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