8 Simple Ways to Decorate a Home That Will Inspire You

Everybody likes to feel inspired, cozy and comfortable in their own house, and decorating it so it feels pleasant and fulfilling to you personally can be essential for achieving a true homey vibe. Combining functionality with personality is key to creating an effective space.

Emotional and physical decluttering

Decluttering should always be the first step in your fresh home decorating project. When it comes to creating an inspiring space for yourself, bear in mind that some of the keepsakes and decorative trinkets you have around could actually remind you of a painful period in your life and have a negative influence on you. We tend to hold onto them out of habit, but if there were some items that popped into mind as you were reading this, tell them goodbye and get rid of anything that makes your personal space full of negative energy.

The right kind of accessories

You don’t have to get rid of every accessory in your home in order to follow the minimalism trend. Keep the decorative pieces that make you happy simply by looking at them. What’s more, don’t hesitate to enrich your home with items that will not only look visually pleasing but relax all your other senses. This is possible with scented products and a little creativity. When it comes to the use of incense, potpourri, air fresheners, and fresh flowers can really brighten your home.

Inspirational and functional kitchen

You shouldn’t stop decorating your home once you’re done with your living room and bedroom. People generally tend to ignore other rooms, but our bathroom and our kitchen play a very important role in creating a homey atmosphere, so put some creative decorating effort into these areas as well. For instance, you can add warmth and a personal touch to your kitchen with stylish and useful Wedgwood kitchenware, while your bathroom can be spruced up with new curtains, mason jars and scented candles, as well as some interesting tile work.

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Decorate your walls

Regardless of your preferred decorative style, it’s always nice to have artwork displayed on your walls. You can enjoy a large statement piece for a more modern look, or create your own gallery wall with several paintings. Always choose to display something that you personally find inspirational and satisfying to look at. In the end, you can even create your own artwork. 

Textured warmth

You don’t have to fill your home with sofa covers and fluffy cushions, but adding some texture here in there is a great way to create a more visually interesting look in every room of your home. What’s more, mixing different textures works exceptionally well. Just keep in mind that if you’re going for a bold look with your sofa cover, your curtains, rugs and cushions shouldn’t be as quite as striking. After all, you don’t want those details to clash with each other and make you feel uncomfortable. 

8 Simple Ways To Decorate a Home That Will Inspire You

Proper lighting

Never ignore the advantages of good lighting in your home. Aside from using more energy-efficient options such as LED bulbs, always make sure that the brightness suits your eyes. Combining ambient, task and accent lighting can create a very pleasant and healthy atmosphere, especially in spaces where there isn’t enough natural light. Think about installing dimmer switches for your fixtures because mood lighting may be the perfect solution for your bedroom.

Go green

Don’t disregard the power of plants. Being surrounded by plants can benefit you both physically and mentally, not to mention that there are plenty of gorgeous-looking plants that are easy to maintain and thrive indoors. Their rich greens will add to your decor as well!

Your own special spot

If you’re set on giving everything a proper makeover, why not start a project and create a special place for you inside your home? This can be your own vanity area, a reading nook, a sunroom, or something completely different. It doesn’t have to take too much space if you take the time to plan and organize the layout properly. 

The desire to make your personal space truly your own is something natural, so don’t hesitate to act on it. After all, you have the power to create a safe and inspiring corner that’s all your own.

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