Fashionista’s Top Swimwear Picks

As with all holiday shopping, finding the perfect swimsuit is both exciting and stressful. Dozens of changing rooms with unflattering lighting, swimsuit after swimsuit that looks like either something your grandma would wear or something that doesn’t fit you, and the whole stress about the steep price. For goodness’ sake, you’ll only wear it for a few weeks, tops! 

Well, that’s why a good swimsuit is something that’s elegant, stylish, and that doesn’t necessarily ever stop being trendy. It’s the crowning moment of glory at the beach, something that makes you look and feel alluring, that makes you imagine yourself as the most desirable woman on the beach. So, to make the search easier, we want to present you with some high street fashion trends that are both in vogue, and undeniably gorgeous enough to last you for many seasons!

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Solid and sporty

We like sporty swimmer cuts in solid designs and one-shoulder details to make it a little more delicate and interesting. These kinds of pieces hide problem areas well, but they also let you simply enjoy your summer – swimming is not an issue, and they’re easy to pair with any kind of cover-up. H&M and Mango have some stunning, simple choices for the gal who wants that effortless elegance. 

High-waisted bikinis

So wonderfully retro! Pair this with the polka dot print and you’ll be a real pin-up gal, especially if you style your hair with a scarf and wear cat-shaped sunglasses and some red lipstick. High-waisted bikinis are actually very flattering on many figures, and we recommend that you pair the bottom with a halter top if you want to look extra feminine and elegant. Zara has some truly incredible pieces in their collection that you can try, so grab one, dab some liquid highlighter on your shoulders and then show off that glowing skin on the beach!

One-piece strappy wraps or ruffles

One-piece suits are always going to be popular, and we enjoy them a lot because they’re just insanely practical, comfortable, and leave a lot of room for a trendy detail or two that can really make you stand out at the beach. This year, we’re loving strappy details that give the garment visual complexity and have that hot designer swimwear vibe that really makes it look like high fashion. If you don’t like the straps, then ruffles might be more up your alley, in which case you should take a look at the Ted Baker or COS collections and embrace that delightfully feminine vibe.

Rainbows all around

Here’s a cheerful trend: rainbows! Rainbow stripes remind us of candy and the simple joy of summer, and we love how colorful it looks. The print is a little loud and bold, but it’s also sweet and perfect for the gals with bubbly personalities. If you want something that’s bright and vibrant, a striped suit is just the thing to pick up from the Warehouse collection. Pair it with plastic bangles and cute flip flops and you’ll look dreamy.

Bombshell red

Bring some fire to the beach, baby! We feel almost silly calling this a trend because a red bathing suit is not something that could ever possibly go out of style, but we do admit we’ve been seeing more of these around. If sex appeal is your aim, then pick a bright red garb with a plunging neckline from French Connection’s latest line and match your lipstick to it. Wear a little cover-up scarf around your waist that you can then dramatically drop down to reveal the full glory of your sexy swimsuit. 

Maximalist prints

Saturated colors and maximalist details were a huge thing on the 2018 runways, and we’re seeing a lot of Topshop garments that have very affordable versions of this, particularly their Wolf & Whistle range. There’s a new twist that is bound to become big as well – psychotropical patterns. Nature visuals such as flowers, leaves, sunsets, and similar details are taken and enhanced digitally for a very unique new hyper-real and vibrant result. So, look for bathing suits with prints if you’re a real fashion diva, and enjoy being the hottest thing on the beach. 

Are you already dreaming about your vacation? We hope you like the newest trends! Let them inspire you to create a cute outfit that you will love this summer.

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