4 Perfect Gifts For Fans Of Self-Improvement

4 Perfect Gifts for fans of self-improvementPIN IT!

The holiday season is approaching and bringing with it the cozy atmosphere, that apple and cinnamon smell, the music, and the movies…but most of all, gifts and the joy of giving. That anticipation you feel when watching your loved one open up a present and seeing their face light up can be magical. However, dealing with the crowds of shoppers at the mall and trying to be original year after year is a challenge.

This holiday season, try to be creative by surprising your friends and family with the gift of well-being. Regardless of their enthusiasm for self-improvement, with the new year just around the corner, most people will be thinking about how they could do a little better in the personal department. Here are a few ideas for you to help them get ahead of those New Year’s resolutions.

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4 Perfect Gifts for Fans of Self-Improvement - Around the holidays, personal development is on everybody’s list. Be creative by surprising your friends and family with the gift of well-being. #christmasgifts #christmas #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment #journal #holidays #shopping #2019 #forwomen #forfamily #under50 PIN IT!

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1. Introduce a Hobby

Let your loved ones know that hobbies aren’t just something to pass the time. If you find them a hobby with a purpose, you will help them improve both their mental and physical states. For instance, gift them with a journal and encourage them to document the next year in their lives whether that year will be marked by traveling, raising a family or simply losing weight.

When they finish the journal and look back, it will be inspiring for them to see all the progress they have made and hopefully keep it up. An even better idea, if you believe in the ambition of your friends, is to get them a blog. Register a domain name that is fun or personal, and buy them a year of hostingIf they haven’t yet decided on what aspect of their lives they should work on, writing this blog could allow them to do some self-exploration and get the journey started. 

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2. Acquire a New Skill

Allow a friend’s inner self-improvement enthusiast to come out by letting them attend a class that teaches a new skill. Show your friends that you truly know them by getting them to learn just what they might have been missing. For some it will be cooking, for others, it might be taking pictures.

Nowadays, there are many courses you can find for your favourite person, to help them improve their event photography skills or that selfie game. Such a course can be found anywhere nowadays and it can be a delight for anybody in today’s world which is popularly driven by social media and the everlasting quest for that perfect, instagrammable, moment. And hey, this gift could work both ways when your friends learn something and start taking better pictures of you!

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3. Generate a Positive Habit

If you know anyone who is mindful when it comes to health, it’s a good idea to give them a gift that will allow them to further promote or adopt a new positive habit. For example, get a juicer with a side of delicious green smoothie recipes for those that are looking to get their glow back. If a loved one has been stressed lately, consider purchasing a package of Tai Chi classes for them or find some vouchers for a yoga studio.

Another great gift that contributes to general well-being, is a sound machine. A machine that produces white noise while you sleep, providing your brain with the calm it needs while blocking out other distractions. Whatever you decide to go for, think about how that will encourage those self-improvement enthusiasts to achieve peace of mind and peace in their bodies.

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4. Give the Gift of Time

If you are low on cash, the most valuable gift you can give a loved one is time. Free someone of their responsibilities for a day and volunteer to babysit. You can get cute and creative by crafting out several little “time coupons” that your friends or relatives can use when they most need it. The gesture is guaranteed to be appreciated.


Around the holidays, personal development is on everybody’s list whether they are “good” or “bad” at it. Hopefully, now you have some ideas on how to give your friends and family the types of gifts that will bring them the most self-improvement and the most joy this holiday season.

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