How to know if a guy likes you – even if you can`t see the signs

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When you Google How to know if a guy likes you, every single article on the first page talks about the signs that tell if he likes you. While I agree that there are signs (same for most people) that show with almost 100% certainty that one person is into another, I also believe that if you’re looking for the signs while you are around someone you like, you show insecurity. And we want to avoid that.

There is one other important thing about these signs. They are so obvious to everybody except the person who is googling how to know if a guy likes you:-). Funny, but true. So, with all that in mind, I want to show you a different point of view on this subject so you can focus on achieving your goal. Which, in most cases, is to go out with a guy.

Instead of asking if a guy likes you, ask yourself: What does he like about me? Then, focus on that!
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I just have a question I want you to answer before we move on. Since you are reading an article called How to know if a guy likes you, I am assuming that there is a guy that you like. If, after reading this and maybe some other articles, your conclusion is that he likes you, what will you do? Will you ask him out or wait for him to do it? Or will you give up if the conclusion is different? What is your goal?

Let me be the first to answer. If there was a guy I like (let’s assume I’m single😄) and I think he might like me too, my goal would be him asking me out:-). Think about it for a second!

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You’re asking the wrong question

When I started to write this post, I imagined a group of 4 girls, best friends, at a party, or maybe even at home sitting together, drinking wine, talking about guys and relationships. And you know how it usually goes…at one point, the topic always goes on some guy, that one of those girls has fallen for. And now she’s wondering what’s the situation with him – does he like her, maybe he said something to her she’s not sure what it means, he looked at her in a way it made her confused… Then the other girls start to analyze his actions. ‘Wait, did he say it like this or like that?’ ‘Was he looking in your eyes when he said it?’ and the list of questions goes on. And all in order to find out if he likes her. Like everything is up to him.

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If you came here searching for the answer on how to know if a guy likes you, it means that you already have some kind of connection with him. Instead of looking for a yes or no answer, you should think about the things you think he might like about you. Is it your smile? Maybe the way you talk? Or the way you look? Your sense of humor?

Most guys will ask a girl out only if he is 90% sure she`ll say yes. Show you care.
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You know how sometimes you see a gorgeous girl with a guy who is, well, not all that gorgeous🙈. Or vice versa. And then we comment it with questions like ‘what does she sees in him?’ or something like that. Well, she saw something, she wouldn’t be with him if she didn’t. I am saying this for all those girls who are not satisfied with how they look and think that a guy doesn’t like them because of it. I am going to tell you something: your appearance can never be a reason for someone not to like you, but the way you act, can. I wrote about this more in my post How to end negative self-talk.

So, instead of asking does he like you, you should ask ‘what does he like about me?’. If I was to ask you to tell me one positive thing about someone you don’t particularly like, I am 100% sure you would find something. Because there isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t have something special in her. Maybe not every person sees it, but the ones that should, do.

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What does he like about you?

Maybe you already know the answer to this question. He might have told you already or maybe you noticed it through his actions. If you don’t, start thinking about it. It can be so many things. It can be the way you look at him, how you blush when someone gives you a compliment, the way you talk, the way you pronounce a specific word, your hair, the way you walk, your clumsiness:-) etc.

When you find some answers, you automatically answered your first question ‘how to know if a guy likes you’. Second, now you can focus on the main thing which is, getting him to ask you out.

“How to know if a guy likes you? Hint: You`re asking the wrong question!
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What is the next step?

Now that you know this, don’t be shy when showing the things he likes about you. Don’t push it:-), but it’s ok to put a focus on that a little more. You can be confident, that’s never a bad thing and besides, you know he likes you, why wouldn’t you be.

One other very important thing – while it is not easy for us to be confident, we expect them to be so confident to ask us out even if we didn’t show that we like them too. That’s a little unfair, don’t you think? Most guys will ask a girl out only if he is 90% sure she will say yes. So, girl, you need to show you care. This doesn’t have to be an obvious thing. Just a little thing like smiling at his jokes, looking him straight in the eyes, some body language…

And then, when he asks you out, you can come back here and read my post 3 steps on how to be confident on a first date?

Have you thought about it like this? What are your thoughts on this?

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