Ready for Fall: Stylish Ways To Accessorize Your Little White Dress

Little black dresses tend to get all the attention, but a little white dress is also a timeless staple that you should incorporate in your wardrobe. All it takes is a little accessorizing to effortlessly transform your dress into many fun and trendy outfits that will boost your confidence and keep you looking stylish. Keep reading to learn our favourite ways of adding a little extra “umph” to your little white dress this fall.


Wear Statement Jewellery in Eye-Catching Colours

Jewelry is the easiest, most stylish way to make a statement with your little white dress. Pick out statement jewelry that complements your dress, of course, but also your eye colour, hair colour, and skin tone. A pair of beautiful ball drop earrings in peach looks stunning with a warm complexion, for example, while an amethyst pendant can bring out the sparkle in your green eyes.

Add a Cozy & Comfortable Layer

Dressing down a pretty white dress by layering up with a cute cardigan, vest or throwback denim jacket will have you looking and feeling effortlessly cool on a crisp autumn afternoon. You get extra style points for adding buttons, patches, or pins to your jacket. 

Top It Off with a Happenin’ Hat

Hats are underrated. They stand as the perfect fashionable AND functional accessory, especially when the weather’s starting to cool down. Whether you top off your white dress with a fashionable floppy hat, an ironic trucker cap, or a kicky French beret, wearing a hat with your dress is the perfect way to step out with supermodel confidence.

Swipe On a Dark(er) Lip Colour

Sometimes, the right lipstick is all you need to complete an elegant, timeless look. This fall, pair your white dress with a sultry brown, matte red, or bold burgundy lip colour. Have fun experimenting and trying out several hues, and you’ll eventually find the shade you’re most confident in. Audrey Hepburn was a firm believer in the perfect shade of gloss. If that philosophy worked for her, then it can work for you, as well.

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Splash Out in Killer Shoes

The shoes you wear with your ensemble make all the difference in helping you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Since white is a blank canvas, it’s the ideal neutral for experimentation. Be daring with your choice of shoes. Your white dress can take it. Consider a pair of gold sequin ballet flats that sparkle with every step. How about a cute pair of tan booties that put a fun modern spin on a classic look? You could also match your red lipstick to cherry-red patent leather shoes.

Get Grunge

All it takes is a bit of black leather to add a little grunge to your little white dress—maybe even some silver studs for good measure. Slip into a cropped leather jacket for a down and dirty style that will have girls in the street begging to know where you buy your clothes. Leather chokers or boots are on-point accessories, as well.

Throw On a Bold Blazer

An eye-popping blazer transforms not just your outfit, but your entire attitude. We’re not talking about a plain black jacket here. Take the opportunity to go bold. Choose a blazer with an irresistible pattern or a colour that catches the eye. Make sure that the fit is perfect so that you give off a sleek, tailored silhouette. If a more casual vibe is what you’re after, slouchy three-quarter sleeves will do the trick.

Slip on a Belt

You don’t need a belt to hold up a dress but it is the perfect way to accessorize. Usually, neutrals are the way to go—black, brown, maybe a warm camel or taupe shade. To draw attention to your waist, as well as your sense of style, an eye-catching item is altogether better. A wide belt gives off a retro vibe, while a patterned piece is whimsical. If all else fails, red patent leather always carries the day, or you can try white on white.

No matter what your style is, accessories are the perfect way to make your white dress pop this fall season. No matter what you choose to wear, remember to let your personality shine through, and you’ll exude confidence and feel beautiful in your own skin.

About the Author:

Casey is a fashion writer and content strategist. She specializes in collaborative branding efforts with up-and-coming designers and fashion companies.