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What is it about spring that makes us feel happy? I guess it’s the fact that days start to get longer, we wake up listening to birds singing, the flowers and sweet smells fill the air… And, as much as I love winter and the feeling of coziness it represents to me, it always makes me happy when I see so many colors wherever I go. The first thing it makes me want to do is to brighten up my home with some spring home decor.

A simple room refresh is more than enough to go along with nature colors. It`s always good to have few pieces in your storage for every season. Or you can just add spring flowers into your home and it will make a huge difference.

Here are some stylish and colorful pieces to brighten up your space that you can use for many years.

Designer Spring Collection

Spring Home Decor – Dining table
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Spring Home Decor - OnePointofView.net


  1. I can’t wait for spring! I wish I had a garden I could decorate, but I have to do with a small apartment;) I love anything Anthropology sells, their stuff is just so pretty!

  2. I cant wait for spring now, flowers in the vases, windows open wide… sun light beaming through the house x ah this post has got me so looking forward to it now.. thank you

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