Style Up Your Life – January 2018

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This year I’m starting out with new monthly posts called Style Up Your Life. The reason I’m doing this is to show you how little things can make you feel better and to inspire you to make your life more beautiful.

It’s not just clothes and makeup that can make us feel beautiful and good. It is our lifestyle in general. The things you’re doing or buying just because YOU enjoy them.

Lighting up a candle can make you feel special. Beautiful bedding can make you sleep better. A feminine coffee cup can boost your confidence. Beautiful and cozy pajama will make you enjoy your evenings and cheer you up in the mornings. Stylish blanket in your living room can make you wanna rush home after work because of the feeling it represents…you cuddled up in it, watching your favorite TV show.

Don’t ignore those things. Take your time and enjoy the moments you created for yourself!

Every first day of the month (January is an exception😊) I’m going to post my suggestions of the things that can make your lifestyle the way it suits you.

Since it’s January and almost everything is on sale, this month’s lifestyle board is filled with some great deals for your home and your wardrobe.

Click for details on the pieces you like. And don’t forget to use the things you buy.😊

These are my picks for creating happy moments for yourself. But this is just one of the ways to do that. For some other ways to create happiness in your life, you can read my posts How to live better by changing your point of view or Be satisfied with your life…accept it the way it is or change it.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on a link or buy something I have recommended. I recommend only the things I would or am personally using. Thank you for your support!
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  • Julie Plagens

    You have a great sense of style. It is hard to splurge and enjoy good sheets or a nice dress when you’re trying to pay for kids. Thanks for encouragement to do a little something for myself.
    • Irena
      Julie Plagens

      Thank you, Julie! I have 3 kids as well and I know how hard can it be sometimes, but nowadays there are many things we can afford ourselves at a reasonable price. Our problems often occupy our minds that we become scared to even think about maybe enjoying a moment in a day.

  • Gaby

    This is faboules! Sometimes, we even don’t have to buy anything, we already have it stuck somewhere in our closets or stroge and only have to bring it back to life! Just the other day I found some old pillow case (I bought them 14 years ago when I got married 😍) and they look even better now then they did then!! It deffinitly styled up my life!! 😊
    Btw. I really like you posts!

    • Irena

      Thank you, Gaby! You have a point. Ain’t nothing better when you find something you have forgotten about and bring it back to life💛

  • Idora Yasin

    Omg that tea kettle from Macy’s! I absolutely love your style in house accessories, it matches my style completely!

    Have a wonderful 2018!


  • Idora Yasin

    I absolutely love your choices when it comes to home furnishings! The light colors and the coppers and golds, my aesthetic completely!

    Thank you for this wonderful list of stylish and economic things to start off a great 2018!


  • Anita

    Love this project you start. Can’t wait for the future ones! These golden pillows are 😍😍
  • Joao @ GrowtoRetire

    Great post.
    Thank you for this top list of stylish and economic things to start off a great 2018!
    Keep it up the excellent work.
  • Ana De-Jesus

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I am feeling a bit down in the dumps so I like the idea of your ‘style up your life’ feature. You are right in saying that it is not just clothes that can help make us feel better but our lifestyle too!
  • jhilmil

    Wow, then you have gained a regular reader, I love posts directed towards styling up lives, be it styling home or self. A great idea to be shared, since the way we lead our lifestyle, it makes us feel confident.
  • J. Shan'Trice

    These were some great home decor suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing you have a great style sense and being economical is always a plus.
  • Dr. K. Lee Banks

    I don’t often think too much about following any particular style, because I work from home. Yet, I realize I enjoy my sweaters in the winter weather paired with leggings. I have a red velour bedspread I typically use on hubby’s and my bed from December through February, because it’s festive and warm. I also have a wax melting pot and my favorite scent is usually pine, or some similar sweet natural scent. So I guess I have a style after all and didn’t realize it! 🙂
  • Irena

    You wear something you enjoy, you sleep on something you like, you have a favorite scent…that is called Style. 💃😊😉

  • Laura Dove

    What a great idea! I love all of the things you have chosen, you have great taste! I love that copper kettle!!
    • Irena
      Laura Dove

      Thank you, Laura! That copper kettle is simply beautiful. Actually, that whole Martha Stewart Collection is amazing!💛

  • eliza

    Such a great and stylish post. I find your items fashionable and cute. I like the UGG slip-ons and so as the pink kettle. I think I will be more styling my kitchen this year.
  • Star harford

    Such a good reminder to take the time to love yourself. Its too easy to let work take over! I love cuddling up with a hot chocolate and watching a movie!
  • Aditi

    Love your curation. Thanks to you, I discovered a new site ‘Nasty Gal.’ Will be checking it out regularly now.
  • Jasmine Prado

    What a beautiful post! you really indeed up with a great choice of life style, that kettle is really cute haha! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!
  • London Mumma

    Such a great post and perfect for me as I am o n the hunt for some new bits for the house.