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Most stylish Christmas gifts 2017

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New Holiday Shop: The Most Stylish Christmas Gifts 2018

Christmas is coming!! Yaay! I love Christmas. I love what it represents, how happy we all are on that day, how everybody cleans their house, nobody talks about nothing bad(except how much we ate😉) and how we all get together, with no exceptions. And last, but not the least – the Christmas gifts! I enjoy receiving gifts. Just a little more than giving them😄. Just kidding. I honestly enjoy both equal. However, I feel like it has almost come to that, when somebody mentions Christmas or December, the first thing people thought of is ‘Oh my God, I have to do this and that’ and forget about the fact that it is supposed to be a fun time of the year.

Well, I wanted to make your to-do list a bit shorter, so I compiled a ‘list’ of ideas for stylish Christmas gifts. It includes gifts for men, women, kids, parents/couples and ‘all-in-one’ gifts under 20$.

I really think that every gift on this list is useful and stylish. personally, I would want to receive each one. I wanted it to include variety of ideas, but not too much, because I think it would make it even harder for you to choose.

Enjoy your shopping!❤️🎄

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Christmas gifts for men

Christmas gifts for women

Christmas gifts for kids

Christmas gifts for parents/couples

Christmas gifts under 20$

I hope I helped you a little bit and gave you some ideas for your Christmas shopping.

What gifts do you usually buy? Share with me.

Stylish Christmas gifts


  1. Some brilliant gift ideas here! I started my Christmas shopping a while back but I find the men in my family so hard to buy for.

    1. Wow, you started it a while ago? That is so great, I say that every year, but I never do it. 🙈 Thank you for your comment!

  2. Great ideas for gifts. I always have the hardest time finding the perfect gifts and end up getting my friends and family something simple. I might have to try a little harder this year.

  3. I love the matching Christmas pyjamas! Im looking for some christmas pjs for my boys,I think I’ll have to look for matching ones for us all!

  4. I love shopping for gifts but get so terribly confused finding the perfect gift for everyone. These gift ideas are great for Christmas!

    1. I know the feeling:-) It’s hard to think of 2 or 3 super cool gifts, let alone 32 of them(which is the number of gifts for my closest family I have to buy in December😂)

  5. Amazing ideas, think this is amazing by far, a lot of effort and I will ty to make a better input for my friends, nice blog xx

    XTINELOVES.CO.UK (London blogger 😉 xxx

  6. Great ideas here for Christmas Gifts for 2017. I love the make up gift suggestions for women that you have included in your list. I also loved the mens Ugg slippers but I think they are sold out. Good luck with your xmas shopping and thanks for the list suggestions.

  7. This is the perfect gift guide I’ve come across; with gift ideas for everyone in the family. Loved all of these choices. Thanks, for sharing it.

  8. I think these are some rather fabulous and stylish gifts! I love the sound of the dressing gowns for couples but my favourite is the beige hat which is super cute isn’t it?

  9. I generally suck at festive shopping and end up giving gift vouchers to loved ones. I love the list you have compiled and I would love to use some of your ideas 🙂

  10. What a lovely and stylish gifts for the holiday and for all ages. For me it is somewhat difficult to find gifts for my husband thanks for sharing this thoughts I have now better options.

  11. Oh, yes, the time has arrived when you need to start thinking about Xmas gifts. I’m not very good with presents and easily leave it for the last minute – which is ofcourse, not a great idea. Thank you so much for all these tips.

    1. Oh, I did that before, but now there are simply too many gifts I have to buy and I cannot wait untill the last minute:-)

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