To Have and to Hold: Say Hello to Spring Fashion Pieces

To Have and To Hold-Spring Fashion PiecesPIN IT!

Not that winter doesn’t have its own charm, but the bulky jackets, chunky boots, and thick woolen scarves we always wrap around don’t always scream fashion. However, with spring knocking on our doorstep and the weather finally warming up, it’s time to slip into cuter outfits and finally bring color back! Ready to have a little fun with your style? From the easiest of combos to some truly bold pieces for our fancy fashion queens, we’ve got some hot spring fashion ideas for you right here.

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Asymmetrical top

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - Asymmetrical top PIN IT!
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Weird necklines that are entirely asymmetrical are going to be all the rage, so grab a one-shoulder top that shows off your delicate collarbone and pair it with something simple, like a pair of jeans or a flouncy skirt. It’s always a good idea to pick a top that’s really unusual. Something with wraps that go around your neck and shoulder. Something that has an insane amount of style and visual interest. It can be the centerpiece of your outfit and then you can keep everything else fairly simple.

Urban skirt and lavender blouse

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - Urban Skirt and Lavender Blouse PIN IT!
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Instead of the top, you can make the skirt be your focus. Find an urban piece with a print of a comic on it, or something with a vibrant pattern, or a floor-length skirt that sways and rustles as you walk. Pair it with a sleeveless, see-through lavender blouse for some trendy pop of color and you’ll have a very modern look on your hands that’s really easy to pull off when you just want to look fashionable.

Bodycon dress

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - Bodycon Dress PIN IT!
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Want a new take on a hot outfit? Then grab yourself a curve-hugging bodycon dress this spring. You can even choose a dress with ruching details which, when placed strategically, can really give your body that delicious hourglass shape and enhance your curves. So if you need a sexy little outfit for a party, this is the way to go. Go for a Tom Ford feel and find a dress with metallic details if you really want to bring it up a notch.

Sleeveless coat

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - Sleeveless coat/Long Vest PIN IT!
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Long, modern, and surprisingly easy to match with your outfits, sleeveless coats are a fun new trend that can transform any outfit and give it a very high-end fashion feel. We recommend that you keep it simple and stick to neutral colors. Trust us, the coat itself is enough of a fashion statement that you don’t need to pile on a lot of complex details just to keep the outfit interesting. You can easily layer this over button-downs, tube tops, and sweaters.

Wide-leg pants

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - Wide Leg Pants PIN IT!
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This spring definitely calls for some cute pants, and we’re happy to say we adore this new trend of comfy pants in soft fabrics. There’s nothing like a pair of sassy wide-leg pants to make you feel like you can take over the world and look absolutely chic while doing it. You can totally give this garment a nice little shabby chic vibe if you pick a top with some ripped details and a denim jacket. Alternatively, you can keep it cool and urban by pairing it with a slim crop top and a pair of designer glasses.

White power suit

To have and to Hold:Say Hello To Spring Fashion Pieces - White Suit Women PIN IT!
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God, there just isn’t a more badass look than this. For every boss lady out there, a sleek white suit is a way to simply radiate power, elegance, and attitude. Pick a more androgynous slim cut and wear it either with a pair of classy Oxfords to keep it urban, or a pair of some focus-pulling high heels that look like they came to conquer the world. Now go ahead and enjoy people bowing their head to you, queen.

Polka dot shirt

To Have and to Hold: Say Hello to Spring Fashion Pieces - Polka dot Shirt PIN IT!
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Polka dot is back, and this cute little touch of retro is a really sweet look to pull off. The print was spotted on every runway from Rodarte to Jason Wu and most of it kept the monochrome look to it. Black and white polka dot blouses, shirts, or dresses if you want a real pin-up vibe, and a nice hair band to go with it and you’re ready.

Now’s the time to work on your style and bring something fresh to your wardrobe. Enjoy the spring and make sure to fill it up with awesome new spring fashion!

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