Wardrobe Basics: 7 Must-Have Clothing Items for Every Woman

You must have heard of the paradox of having a full wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear? In fact, this can be true and many women are facing the problem. It usually happens due to buying clothes that are practically impossible to combine and their purpose is solely one occasion.

Imagine having a wardrobe full of party dresses and dressing up for work. Hence, it makes sense that you have absolutely nothing to wear. Unfortunately, even the best of us tend to buy these one-hit wonders and face the same problem. It’s OK to have a few of those, but the emphasis should be on the clothes that can easily be combined and worn on various occasions.

This is why it’s important to buy the right clothes, not the right amount. Let’s see what that implies.

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1. Classic shirt

A classic cotton shirt goes a long way. You should have them in white, black, navy and grey in order to be able to combine them with all sorts of other clothes. Classic neutral shirts are exactly what you need. They can be worn on both casual and more formal occasions. Having coffee with friends? Going to work? Going out? Other items of clothing will dictate the effectiveness of the whole outfit, but this classic item can go perfectly with a huge number of them.


2. Black blazer or cardigan

Every woman must have a classic black blazer. This is something that needs to be there for a work meeting, presentation or an evening out. It’s an ace in your sleeve for any emergency fancy event when you have no idea what to wear. However, if blazers aren’t your thing, cardigans play a similar role and they compliment your figure. Choose wool for cold winter and cotton or silk for warmer days. Cardigans come in all shapes and colours, but you need a set of the basics, which means black, grey, beige or any other neutral colour that matches most items in your wardrobe.

3. Good jeans

Having proper jeans is everything. We’re not talking about that random pair you got on a sale that is kind of OK. Instead, we’re talking about investing in the pair of jeans that will suit you perfectly. You need to go out and start the quest for the jeans which will make you look and feel amazing. Moreover, they should be neutral enough for you to be able to wear them practically anywhere. Whether they are high, mid or low waisted, light, dark, skinny or wide, choose the type you love and get it for yourself regardless of the price. There are some amazing cigarette, cropped, and chic boyfriend jeans out there, so you can choose from a huge variety and pick the perfect pair.

4. Silk camisole

Apart from classic cotton shirts, you also need something a bit more delicate for other occasions. Silk camisoles are a great way to look both feminine and business-like. Depending on the style, they can be worn on their own or under a blazer or a cardigan. You can experiment a little bit here, as camisoles are easily combined with classic skirts, pants, and blazers. This enables you to choose some kind of pattern or anything you like. It doesn’t need to be uni-coloured or neutral.

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5. Tailored skirt

Tailored skirts never go out of fashion and they can go from fancy to absolutely casual. You can wear them with heels or trainers – they’ll look awesome either way. When it comes to materials, cotton is always a safe option, but you may want to consider getting something a bit more firm to maintain the shape. These skirts can last forever with the right fabric, so feel free to buy several. They definitely won’t just stand there in your closet.


6. Little black dress

Every girl needs a little black dress or even a few. The most classic one is a sleeveless, flat, black dress. This one can be worn a million times and look different every time you wear it. This is a go-to option for any party or formal event. Your accessories will reshape the outfit and the dress can put up with practically anything you choose to combine it with.

7. A nude strapless bra

Finally, we need to think about our underwear in order for clothes to look absolutely stunning. A nude bra is the most neutral you can get and you need several of those in order to wear all your camisoles and dresses without worrying something will show. It’s better if they’re strapless so the straps wouldn’t ruin the look of your outfit. You could also use a black one for elegant evening combinations and you’ll be good to go.

All in all, it’s not so difficult to have something to wear for all occasions. As we said, it’s not the quantity, but the quality of your own choices that will save you from the famous wardrobe paradox. Now that you have the list of the things you need, just check your budget and go for some sensible shopping.

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