Winter Beauty Tips: 7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing

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While winter can give us a lot of joy and happy moments, it can also be quite challenging for our skin. That`s why it is very important to adjust with seasons and the changes they bring.

With the shorter amount of daylight during winter, we`re tempted to use bronzers to cover our pale skin. However, there`s a better way to achieve that glowing look than using store-bought cosmetic products. All you need are a few minor adjustments in your everyday routine.

Every season has a different energy that affects our own energy and our skin. If we go along with those changes, it will be easy to keep our skin glowing and healthy all year around.

Since winter has the least amount of daylight, our skin needs to be more hydrated. It is also natural to feel the need for hot drinks and heavier food during the cold days. The more we pay attention to the season we`re in, the better our skin, hair, and nails will look.

Winter Beauty Tips 7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing PIN IT!

Here are 7 natural ways to keep your skin glowing during winter.

1. Eat healthy fats

Bring healthy fats into your body by consuming foods like chia seeds, walnuts or avocado. Those essential fats will feed your skin and keep it soft and gentle. If you, for example, add half of avocado into your usual lunch menu, it will keep your skin hydrated. Here`s a great list of high-fat food that is super healthy.

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2. Oil your skin

The wind and the cold weather can make our skin dry and chapped, so it`s necessary to keep it hydrated all the time. To do that, start using sesame oil.

Use warm sesame oil and massage your skin for 5-10 minutes. Don`t forget your face, ears, and neck.

Warm oil will easily get into your skin and keep it smooth and moisturized.

3. Keep it warm

Respond to your natural need for warmth during cold winter days by eating a lot of healthy soups and stewed vegetables. Ingredients like lentils, sweet potato and chickpeas are both nutritious and make you feel full.

Of course, raw food shouldn`t be thrown out of the menu, but it`s important to create a balance between such and warm food.

Winter Beauty Tips 7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing PIN IT!

4. Return to roots

Increase the number of root vegetables you consume, especially carrots. In addition to carrots, pumpkins are also rich in beta-carotene, which turns into a vitamin A in our bodies. Vitamin A is responsible for keeping the skin healthy and glowing during these dense months.

5. Make your own body peeling

Remove dead skin cells by using your own homemade sugar peeling.

To make a sugar peeling, you`ll need to prepare a mixture of equal amounts of coconut oil and organic sugar. Then add 15 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix it all together and, voila, you just made your own body peeling.

Use this peeling when you shower and remove dead skin cells from your entire body.

6. Wrap around

Now, this may seem like an obvious choice, but it doesn`t hurt to be reminded. Avoid chapped and dried skin by protecting it from the wind. Wear a scarf and gloves to protect your hands, neck, and face during walks and activities you do outside.

7. Shower healthy

It`s good to pay attention to the shower gel you`re using. Avoid gels that contain exfoliants. Instead of shower gels with artificial odors that stimulate skin dryness and may have an irritant effect on your skin, you should choose natural, mild and simple shower gels based on essential oils.

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The more you adjust to weather changes, the healthier your skin, hair, and nails will look. So why wouldn`t you try one of these 7 winter beauty tips (or all of them) to achieve that stunning winter look?

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